T3 Expo
Save Money, Grow Your Event

About T3 Expo It’s not 1991 anymore. Business moves in real-time today, but many contractors do not. We’re not built like other contractors, though. T3 Expo has been designed to operate as a highly-efficient design, production and distribution powerhouse, leveraging the latest technology to deliver results, on-demand. We start by understanding your requirements and goals. We offer several different pricing models to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to lower exhibitor rates, stay within a fixed show management budget, build your brand or increase revenue, we have an objective-based pricing solution for you. Don’t expect to see that same old gray chair you rented eight years ago either. We are proud to offer an exciting new line of furnishings and accessories. From fresh floor covering alternatives and green products, to chairs and tables and lighting you’d love to have in your own home. You’ll be amazed at the new options you and your exhibitors will have at your fingertips. And we don’t stop there. We strongly believe in, and are committed to our culture of innovation. We are progressive by nature and will promise to deliver a continuous stream of timely and relevant innovations from digital signage and way-finding systems to freight tracking and e-commerce solutions for mobile devices. We will always listen to our customers so that we can help shape the future of our industry. In short, we have founded T3 Expo as a viable alternative for today’s show managers. One that delivers better end-results by listening to its customers and working more efficiently. Above all, we’re here to help you succeed. Save money. Grow your event. Our Mission T3 Expo is a new, general service contractor that is on a mission to make trade shows and corporate events more productive — with new products, pricing models and innovative solutions that aim to reinvigorate the role of service contractors. The T3 Expo experience is unlike any other. We aim to raise the bar on your next event. What is an Eventgineer? A marketing phrase or a change in approach? We don’t believe in titles that silo innovation. Every person that works at T3 is an Eventgineer! We each have our unique strengths, but at our core, we are all absolutely committed to listening to our customers and finding a solution that makes their event experience better.